Featured on Global TV and JRFM!

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Life has been busy, and that it why it felt extremely cool when The Popcorn Bar suddenly was asked to be featured on natalielangston.com, JRFM and Global TV as part of an Academy Awards Party Guide!   We had four days to come up with custom Oscar themed flavours Bollywood Bliss Indian Spice, Hollywood Smokeshow Smoky BBQ, Jimmy Kimmel CornSalted Caramel, Sweet CelebrationsWhite Chocolate Sprinkle and Tuxedo Truffle Truffle Pepper Blend, along with an assortment of tuxedo popcorn holders, and popcorn filled champagne flutes.  I didn’t expect to feel as excited as I was (but knowing me, I probably should have expected I’d feel that way), as I was completely overwhelmed with pride and exhilaration when it came time to watch the live feature on Global.  It seems as though once you are in the right groove, you become magnetic to opportunity without consciously trying!

Dive in to your passion head first, and magic will happen

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Real talk: Once I began unapologetically going after what I wanted, life altering things began to happen.    When I say “what I wanted”, I wasn’t totally sure at the time but I knew it would be passion-fueled and bold.  Since creating The Popcorn Bar’s Instagram account in February, 2016, I have been stunned with the opportunities that have come my way, and I credit it all to risk taking, being authentic and brave at times where I wanted to run.  These opportunities have been both within the popcorn realm, and outside of it, and I believe that is because your natural greatness is recognized and propels once you discover and utilize your creative outlet.  Now, for the first time, I am living a life that reflects who I am on the inside.  I don’t know if others feel as trapped as I did when I wasn’t going after what I wanted, but trust me – monotony can be brutally painful when you know you’re meant to do more.  Prior to The Popcorn Bar, my life was filled with dark anxieties and confusion.  Today, life is motivating and meaningful in all areas (not just regarding popcorn) and I am grateful to myself for breaking self constructed limits.  It is easy to forget or even not comprehend that you can create something out of nothing at any time in your life, but it is absolutely possible.  Preaching about chasing your dreams can come across as cliche but there is truth in listening to the gut feelings inside of you and going after what feels right.  Check out my fellow dream chaser’s lifestyle blog: www.jenneec.com and her interview on The Popcorn Bar: Click Me!

Welcome to The Popcorn Bar!

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I am so excited to be sharing my passion for popcorn with the world!  This space will focus on all things popcorn from favourite flavours to collaborations.  Let me start off by informing you of how we got started.  My love (or as my husband would refer to it, obsessive addiction) of popcorn is rooted in my childhood.  My family would have Sunday movie nights every week and popcorn was always our only movie snack.  Air popped, drizzled with butter, never from a microwave bag.  It was perfect.  This lead to me forcing my sister to share her bowl with me once I quickly finished mine, and then evolved to me making a family sized portion for myself.  Since then, it has brought a giant smile to my face and satisfaction to my belly whenever I get my hands on some (which is almost daily).  It has been hard for my husband to reach into my popcorn bowl without getting some side eye.  When we married in 2014, I read from my wedding vows saying, “I promise to try really (really, really) hard to share my popcorn.”  Well, I took it pretty seriously because now here I am, sharing my popcorn with Vancouver and the lower mainland!  And I couldn’t be happier.  Combining this passion for popcorn, party styling and celebrating life to the fullest, we want to provide the perfect popcorn for every occasion!  Once my mom (who we refer to as the Kernel) and I began experimenting with flavours, we knew we were on the right track.  Each flavour we offer is completely unique, gourmet and will have you longing for more!  Stay tuned for more blog-worthy popcorn and inspiration!

Thanks for PoPpiN’ by!

The Vancity Maker’s Summer Market

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This market was our first market ever and took place on Friday, August 19th and Saturday August 20th, 2016.  It was a lot of work, even more fun, and a huge learning experience.  Connecting with like-minded vendors and creators was amazing, as was having our Instagram followers come up and introduce themselves. It was hard to know how much to produce and sell but we were pretty on point as we came seriously close to selling out!  The most popular flavours at this market were our Tantalizer – Truffle Pepper Blend, Caramel Crunch – Handcrafted Caramel and Dillicious – Dill & Herb.  It was a scorcher that weekend at The Albion Fairgrounds in Mapleridge, BC.  Tracy & Jzabel of the Vancity Makers were ever so prepared and provided ice cold water for all vendors all day long.  Popsi Gal was there to supply their naturally sweetened, dairy free popsicles which was an awesome way to beat the heat! Can’t wait for the rush of our fall markets to begin –  Click Here to see where else we will be PoPpiN’ up!

Holly & Mani 07.30.16

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Here at The Popcorn Bar, we LOVE weddings!  They are definitely one of our favourite events to work at.  From the details to the ambiance, the wedding of Holly & Mani was a fairytale of an evening…and The Popcorn Bar was a serious hit.  The bride and groom had a private tasting with us in the stages of their wedding planning, and chose Holy Smoke – Smoky BBQ, Dillicious – Dill & Herb, Tantalizer – Truffle Blend, Sweet Celebrations – White Chocolate Sprinke and Nirvana – Indian Spice Blend.  As soon as the gorgeous ceremony was over, guests flocked to the popcorn and it was thoroughly enjoyed during cocktail hour.  After dinner, it made for the perfect dancefloor snack! Thank you to the beautiful newlyweds for including us in on their special day.


The Museum of Vancouver x Honda Celebration of Light

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This summer has been seriously PoPpiN’ for us!  We were asked by The Museum of Vancouver to be a vendor at their Celebration of Light viewing party on July 27th, 2016.  It was such an honour to be set up at one of the most beautiful locations in the city on such a big night!  We sampled and offered eight handcrafted specialties, with Nirvana – Indian Spice Blend, being the top seller of the evening.  It is always interesting how the most popular flavour of our events is ever-changing! I always find it hard to answer when people ask my favourite flavour, as it completely depends on my mood (though I have a soft spot for anything savoury)!  We are looking forward to partnering with MOV again and working together in the future!

Vancity Blogger’s Party

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We were so excited when Vancity Business Babes invited us to be a part of their event, the Vancity Blogger’s Party, and knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up!  On July 11th, The Popcorn Bar set off to Sky Hangar, a stunning, elegant event space in Pitt Meadows that also happens to be the home of Sky Helicopters and MODE Studios.  It was a beautiful evening of networking, a blogger panel, and “tea-mosas” by Once Upon a Tealeaf!  Other vendors included Paper and Parties, Simply Delish Soup and Salad, Made by Megan, Yantra Supply Co and Sewn Designs.  The fantastic blogger panel included YouTube bloggers ToThe9s, Monika Hibbs and Betheny Menzel.  We had so much fun meeting other bloggers and guests, sampling eight of our gourmet flavours, sharing our story and selling bags!  We sold out by the end of the night!


One More Day Campaign

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Another amazing cause we were asked to be a part of was the One More Day event for three families battling cancer.  This event was hosted by Modern Fort, a cause based brand with a goal of creating on trend products to raise awareness of important social causes.   Taking place in Port Moody, the goal of Modern Fort and the retreat was to create one day for families to come and enjoy themselves in a supportive and care free environment – for these families to forget about cancer for at least a day – and to collaborate with local businesses who are interested in giving back.  Kristina, owner and principal stylist of The Swank Social, reached out to us first, requesting our TantalizerTruffle Pepper Blend, Pink Confessions – Pink Chocolate Skor, and Caramel CrunchHandcrafted Caramel, popcorn to fill the treat table at the event.  Of course we were thrilled to connect and be a part of it all, and to create such an awesome combo of our flavours!  This event was such a great opportunity for small businesses to come together to make a big difference for the families involved. We hope our popcorn spread some smiles and was enjoyed the the fullest!  Huge thank you to The Social Swank and Modern Fort!

Frozen Themed Popcorn

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When we started this business, I almost instantly knew that somewhere along the line, we would get an order for some “Frozen” themed popcorn, and it came along sooner than expected!  Katherine Peturnia, blogger of The Pampered Baby, ordered our Frozen themed (gluten free) popcorn for her daughter’s 3rd birthday party this past June!  Right away, I got pretty excited (mom on the other hand thought it was literally frozen cold popcorn she was wanting!).  I’m a long time devoted Disney fan and what better way to embrace my two passions!?  It ended up being a bit of a spin on our Sweet Celebrations – White Chocolate Sprinkle.  We were able to incorporate a lot of blue, snowflakes and shimmer sprinkles that made for a very icy look and the perfect “Frozen” effect.  Along with powder blue treat cups and a mini sign reading “Let It PoP!”, little Ari was set for her 3rd birthday bash!  Happy birthday Ari! XO

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