Frozen Themed Popcorn

By June 11, 2016Events

When we started this business, I almost instantly knew that somewhere along the line, we would get an order for some “Frozen” themed popcorn, and it came along sooner than expected!  Katherine Peturnia, blogger of The Pampered Baby, ordered our Frozen themed (gluten free) popcorn for her daughter’s 3rd birthday party this past June!  Right away, I got pretty excited (mom on the other hand thought it was literally frozen cold popcorn she was wanting!).  I’m a long time devoted Disney fan and what better way to embrace my two passions!?  It ended up being a bit of a spin on our Sweet Celebrations – White Chocolate Sprinkle.  We were able to incorporate a lot of blue, snowflakes and shimmer sprinkles that made for a very icy look and the perfect “Frozen” effect.  Along with powder blue treat cups and a mini sign reading “Let It PoP!”, little Ari was set for her 3rd birthday bash!  Happy birthday Ari! XO

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