Dive in to your passion head first, and magic will happen

By December 2, 2016News & Updates

Real talk: Once I began unapologetically going after what I wanted, life altering things began to happen.    When I say “what I wanted”, I wasn’t totally sure at the time but I knew it would be passion-fueled and bold.  Since creating The Popcorn Bar’s Instagram account in February, 2016, I have been stunned with the opportunities that have come my way, and I credit it all to risk taking, being authentic and brave at times where I wanted to run.  These opportunities have been both within the popcorn realm, and outside of it, and I believe that is because your natural greatness is recognized and propels once you discover and utilize your creative outlet.  Now, for the first time, I am living a life that reflects who I am on the inside.  I don’t know if others feel as trapped as I did when I wasn’t going after what I wanted, but trust me – monotony can be brutally painful when you know you’re meant to do more.  Prior to The Popcorn Bar, my life was filled with dark anxieties and confusion.  Today, life is motivating and meaningful in all areas (not just regarding popcorn) and I am grateful to myself for breaking self constructed limits.  It is easy to forget or even not comprehend that you can create something out of nothing at any time in your life, but it is absolutely possible.  Preaching about chasing your dreams can come across as cliche but there is truth in listening to the gut feelings inside of you and going after what feels right.  Check out my fellow dream chaser’s lifestyle blog: www.jenneec.com and her interview on The Popcorn Bar: Click Me!

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