Featured on Global TV and JRFM!

Life has been busy, and that it why it felt extremely cool when The Popcorn Bar suddenly was asked to be featured on natalielangston.com, JRFM and Global TV as part of an Academy Awards Party Guide!   We had four days to come up with custom Oscar themed flavours Bollywood Bliss Indian Spice, Hollywood Smokeshow Smoky BBQ, Jimmy Kimmel CornSalted Caramel, Sweet CelebrationsWhite Chocolate Sprinkle and Tuxedo Truffle Truffle Pepper Blend, along with an assortment of tuxedo popcorn holders, and popcorn filled champagne flutes.  I didn’t expect to feel as excited as I was (but knowing me, I probably should have expected I’d feel that way), as I was completely overwhelmed with pride and exhilaration when it came time to watch the live feature on Global.  It seems as though once you are in the right groove, you become magnetic to opportunity without consciously trying!

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