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By September 21, 2016News & Updates

I am so excited to be sharing my passion for popcorn with the world!  This space will focus on all things popcorn from favourite flavours to collaborations.  Let me start off by informing you of how we got started.  My love (or as my husband would refer to it, obsessive addiction) of popcorn is rooted in my childhood.  My family would have Sunday movie nights every week and popcorn was always our only movie snack.  Air popped, drizzled with butter, never from a microwave bag.  It was perfect.  This lead to me forcing my sister to share her bowl with me once I quickly finished mine, and then evolved to me making a family sized portion for myself.  Since then, it has brought a giant smile to my face and satisfaction to my belly whenever I get my hands on some (which is almost daily).  It has been hard for my husband to reach into my popcorn bowl without getting some side eye.  When we married in 2014, I read from my wedding vows saying, “I promise to try really (really, really) hard to share my popcorn.”  Well, I took it pretty seriously because now here I am, sharing my popcorn with Vancouver and the lower mainland!  And I couldn’t be happier.  Combining this passion for popcorn, party styling and celebrating life to the fullest, we want to provide the perfect popcorn for every occasion!  Once my mom (who we refer to as the Kernel) and I began experimenting with flavours, we knew we were on the right track.  Each flavour we offer is completely unique, gourmet and will have you longing for more!  Stay tuned for more blog-worthy popcorn and inspiration!

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