Flavours we have created..

Savoury PoPs:

Nirvana – Indian Spice Blend
*taste buds travel to India with this festive Popcorn Bar specialty

Holy Smoke – Smoky BBQ
*satisfies all your summertime cravings in any season

Dillicious – Dill & Herb
*don’t dilly dally!  Try our light and satisfying mix of delectable herbs

Tantalizer – Specialty Truffle Pepper Blend
*dressed to impress in savoury sophistication

Sweet PoPs:
Sweet Celebrations – White Chocolate Sprinkles Blend
*crunchy, sweet and celebratory

Milky Way – Milk Chocolate
*subtle yet charmingly chocolaty

Pink Confessions – Pink Chocolate Skor Blend
*pretty n’ pink…sweet tooth required!

Caramel Crunch – Specialty Caramel Popcorn
*classy, handcrafted caramel

Seasonal Flavour:
Nacho – Vegan Mexican Blend
*nacho average popcorn!

All flavours have been handcrafted and approved by a self proclaimed Snack Queen & The Kernel.